Warranty and Maintenance | Mobility Lifts
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Warranty and Maintenance

Mobility Lifts is committed to ensuring that the lift they supply performs to specification and is as far as humanely possible operational at all times. A lift that is faulty defeats the objective and is a reflection on the owner and the supplier; we are in this together.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) stipulates that lifts should be serviced at regular intervals and this is the responsibility of the owner. Inspectors may visit your premises at any time to inspect your service records.

Mobility Lifts is pleased to take the lead in maintaining the well being of your lift by offering the following services:

Mobility Lifts is a registered importer of all the lifts we sell and has the responsibility for carrying sufficient spares to support our customers.

A comprehensive 24/7 lift repair and maintenance service carried out by trained lift technicians. These services are discounted if combined with a Preventative Maintenance Contract.

12 months warranty on all lifts which includes two scheduled preventative maintenance calls during the warranty period.

A Preventative Maintenance Contract after the warranty period that provides for up to 12 service calls per year to carry out at each visit a 25 point service check based on manufacturer’s recommendations The number of preventative maintenance calls on a lift is a function of the usage of the lift and where it is located e.g. indoors or outside. Most indoor lifts provided by Mobility Lifts require no more than two visits per annum.


All products supplied by Mobility lifts are certified by Work Cover Australia and are compliant with the following relevant codes and standards:

AS1735:7 - Stairway lifts

AS1735:12 - Facilities for persons with disabilities

AS1735:14 - Low rise platform lift

AS1735:15 - Lift for persons with limited mobility

AS1735:16 - Lift for persons with limited mobility

AS1735:18 - Residential lifts

BCA E3.6 - Sections A to E

DDA - Compliance

NCC - National Construction Code

Premises Standard - May 2011 implementation