Portable Pool Chair Lift | Mobility Lifts
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Portable Pool Chair Lift


Mobility Lifts markets the portable pool lifts developed by the Italian company DigiProject. These products allow a person to be carried from the changing rooms to the edge of the pool and gently lowered into the water.

Health Benefits

Water is the ideal element for a number of activities that contribute to improved health and well-being. Unfortunately, some people have great difficulty accessing water therapy, therefore Mobility Lifts provides a range of products that allow easy access to swimming pools.


This lift has effortless control with an automatic traction control bar and breaking system. Safety features includes a 2 point safety belt, infrared ground detector and safety motion system.


The BluOne contains a manual breaking system and is control button operated. It is equipped with shock absorbing rubber wheels, restraint belt, footrest and headrest.


PandaPool BluOne
Maximum Lifting Capacity 145kg 110kg
Maximum Travel 1.5m 1.15m
Depth of the seat in the water 0.9m 0.6m
Lowering time with passenger aboard 25 sec 23 sec
Raising time with passenger aboard 18 sec 17 sec
Total weight of the portable pool lift 260kg 120kg
Number of working cycles between recharging 100 50