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Mobility Lifts markets the HomeLift series by Aritco. These lifts are unique, decorative and artistic, adding an extra level of luxury and value to a home. They can travel across 2 to 6 floors and have a travel height of 150-15000 mm.

Design Wall

Aritco in conjunction with Scandinavian artists and designers offer a number of stylish patterns and images as a “design wall”.


The HomeLift comes bundled with a mobile phone app that allows you to customise the lighting design developed by Sweden’s leading lighting architects. The app also provides information about the maintenance needs and lift usage.

SmartSafety System

The HomeLift has smart doors and safety sensors to prevent fingers from being trapped, with a lock capability to prevent children from entering. The lift is also connected to an autodialer that can be used to make emergency calls.


  S5 S8 S9 S12 S15
Speed 0.15-0.3m/s 0.15-0.3m/s 0.15-0.3m/s 0.15-0.3m/s 0.15-0.3m/s
Carrier Size 0.66 x 0.83m 1 x 0.83m 1.1 x 0.83m 1 x 1.2m 1.1 x 1.4m
Load 250kg 250kg 250kg 400kg 400kg
Compliance AS1735.15 AS1735.15 AS1735.15 AS1735.15 AS1735.15