Hydraulic and Traction Lifts | Mobility Lifts
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Hydraulic and Traction Lifts


Mobility Lifts imports a comprehensive range of hydraulic and traction lifts from Sumasa in Spain. Sumasa has supplied lifts for more than 30 years with representation in over 40 countries. Of the 1000 or so lifts that Sumasa manufactures each year, over 100 are exported to Australia.

Custom Built

The majority of Sumasa lifts imported by Mobility Lifts are custom built for low rise commercial and residential applications. Sumasa and Mobility Lifts success comes from the products flexibility to provide solutions for properties with limited or unusual applications.

Safety and Compliance

The lifts are safe and fully compliant with the Disabled Access Code AS1735 part 16 which covers restricted use, automatically controlled lifts for persons with limited mobility. Sumasa lifts can also be supplied under AS1735 2/3 for unrestricted use.


Sumasa offers a comprehensive range of materials and colours to select from to ensure that the lift is aesthetically pleasing as well as being easy to operate.


Lift Type Hydraulic and Traction
Load 300 – 650kg
Max Stops 7
Travel Up to 20m
Speed 0.15 – 0.6m/s
Minimum Pit 0.2m
Minimum Headroom 2.7m
Compliance AS1735.16